Tentang Mobil Listrik Bag 1.

Mobil Listrik atau biasa di sebut EV, Sudah lebih dari 3 tahun lalu mulai beredar di dunia, Berikut adalah spesifikasi dan performance dari Mobil Listrik

i MiEV

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Vehicle type: 4-seater
Usage: Intercity short runs
Engine: permanent magnet synchronous motor
Drive: Rear wheel drive
Braking system: Regenerative braking
Speed: up to 81mph
0-60mph: n/a
Batteries: Lithium-ion 330V
Charge time: 6-7 hours full charge, 80% in 30 minutes
Range: up to 100 miles
Price: c £45K inc battery at 2009 estimate (subject to currency fluctuation)
Delivery date: 2010

Leaf ini katanya mo masuk indo 2013 Q1, kalau di Amrik para Pegawai GOOGLE Inc. sudah pada pake Nissan Leaf ini.

Manufacturer: Nissan, Japan
Vehicle type: 5 seater, 5 doors
Usage: Intercity
Drive: Inverter, electric motor and reduction gear set. Output shaft connects via CV joint to hub-and-carrier assembly
Braking system: 4-wheel disc brakes with regenerative braking
Speed: up to 90 mph
Batteries: laminated lithium ion
Charge time: 8 hrs at 220 volts
Range: up to 100 miles of everyday driving
Price: ‘Comparable to other family sedans’
Available from: www.nissanusa.com for online pre-order
Delivery date: 2010 in US


Manufacturer:Pininfarina (Italy) and Bolloré (France)
Vehicle type: 5-door hatchback
Usage: Intercity
Engine: 68 hp (50 kW)
Braking system: regenerative braking
Speed: up to 80mph governed
0-60mph: 6.3 secs
Batteries: lithium polymer with supercapacitor
Charge time: 5 hours
Range: up to 153 miles/250km
Price: lease for €330 per month
Available from: http://www.bluecar.fr/en/pages-accueil/default.aspx
Delivery date: Now in western Europe


Manufacturer: ElBil NORGE, Norway
Vehicle type: 3 seater
Usage: Urban
Engine: SepEx 72V DC, 13 kW
Suspension: Front – MacPherson struts, Rear – independent telescopic suspension
Body: Fibre-glass reinforced polyester
Transmission: Gear wheel transmission with differential rear-wheel drive and fully automatic electric gear shift system, gearing 1:7
Braking system: Regenerative braking to enhance driving range, disc brakes on all wheels with double circuit braking system, parking brake on the rear wheels
Speed: up to 80-90 km/h depending on battery technology
0-50kmph: 7 seconds
Batteries: Lead acid ca 10.5 kWh available, under testing for Li-ion technology 10 or 14 kWh
Charge time: 0-100% in 6-8 hrs, 30-95% in 3 hrs
Range: 50-100 km depending on road conditions, temperature and the driver, li-ion batteries up to 150 km
Price: n/k
Available from: ElBil NORGE, Norway
Delivery date: Available now in Norway

BYD e6

Manufacturer: BYD Automobile, China (backed by Warren Buffett)
Vehicle type: Sedan seating 5 passengers plus luggage
Usage: Intercity vehicle
Speed: up to 87 mph
0-60mph: under 14 seconds
Batteries: Lithium ion phosphate
Charge time: 60 minutes for full charge
Range: up to 330 kms/205 miles
Price: c US$40,000
Delivery date: In US from end of 2010, China 2010 Q1<– plans on hold as of Dec 2010 because of lack of infrastructure in China for electric cars.

Of course, if you’re not ready to go all-electric, you might want to try something like a certified pre owned BMW …

Cleanova II

Manufacturer: Société de Véhicules Electriques, France
Vehicle type: 5 -seater Cleanova II (based on a KANGOO platform)
Usage: Intercity
Speed: up to 130 km/h
0- 60mph: n/k
Batteries: Li-Mn2O4, Li-FePO4, Li- NiCoAl
Charge time: from 4 to 8 hours
Range: up to 200 km
Price: tba
Delivery date: 2008 launch in France, no date yet for UK


Manufacturer: CODA Automotive, USA
Vehicle type: 4 passenger sedan
Usage: Intercity
Drive ratio: 6.54:1
Transmission: single speed gear reduction
Braking system: ABS
Speed: up to 80mph (electronically limited)
0-60mph: under 11 seconds
Batteries: Lithium-ion
Charge time: 6 hours from 220V (30AMP)
Range: up to 120 miles
Warranties: Vehicle 3 years/36,000 miles, battery 8 years/100,000 miles
Connectivity: Standard iPod dock, MP3 and USB connectivity, and satellite -ready AM/FM/XM radio. Standard Bluetooth® hands-free phone capability with an embedded microphone speaker in the headliner and touchpad or voice dial capabilities. Standard touch screen navigation with turn-by-turn directions.
Price: TBA
Available from: http://www.codaautomotive.com/reserve.html
Delivery date: Q3 2011


Manufacturer: Micro-Vett, Italy
Vehicle type: available in all of variants of traditional 2-5 seater diesel vehicle
Usage: Urban
Engine: 3-phase Asynchronous made by Ansaldo Electric Drives
Construction: factory built conversion of the Fiat Doblo car or van
Speed: up to 120km/h
0-60 mph: n/a
Batteries: Lithium-ion
Charge time: from 5-8 hours
Range: up to 150 km in urban duty cycle
Price: £29,500 + VAT
Available from: Electric Car Hire


Manufacturer: Toyota Scion xB converted by AC Propulsion
Vehicle type: Urban utility vehicle that seats 5
Usage: Intercity
Suspension: front independent MacPherson strut with stabiliser bar, rear torsion beam with stabiliser bar
Drivetrain: 120kWh AC Propulsion drivetrain
Braking system: Power-assisted ventilated front disc/rear drum with ABS
Speed: up to 90 mph
0-60mph: < 7 seconds
Batteries: Lithium-ion, 39 kWh
Charge time: 30 minutes for 20-50 miles, 2 hrs fast or 5 hrs normal for full charge
Range: 140-180 miles
Price: $55,000 plus tax to convert a new Scion xB 5- speed that according to the Scion blog costs from $14,570
Available from: AC Propulsion – California only
Delivery date: Order now to go on list

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